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The Sales Price of €138K has been choosen reasonably! It includes everything fixed/installed on the yacht.  Included in the Sales Price are € 18K for the new engiene and € 70K for equipment which were added over the years to keep the yacht techically up-to-date whereas some items for a total of €4,200.00 can be left behind by the buyer for item prices decuctable as given under SPEC of YACHT items marked with *).


The sailing yacht can be viewed by appointment. However, the yacht will until March-2022 be still in Winter storage. During April-2022 the boat will be made ready to be launched early in May-2022.


Contact: Robert Leitenberger, ph: +43 660 578 5558 (WhatsApp) or email:


The current location of the yacht is the Cantieri Marina in San Giorgio di Nagaro (Udine/IT). A place between Grado and Lignano, about 5km behind the coast of the north Adriatic. From the marina one can reach the coast of the North Adriatic Sea by boat via a canal / river in about 45 minutes. From the Austrian-Italian border at Tarvisio it is approx. 150 km to the marina.


The SY will be in winter storage conditions until the end of April-2022 and will only be made ready for sea-trials from Mai-2022. However, the engine can also be checked with fresh cooling water if necessary, when the yacht is still on land.


New Antifouling and hull polishing will be done by the Marina workshop latest in April-2022. The owner will do the rest i.e., general cleaning, rigging, etc. renewing the 6x70Ah service batteries, Engine maintennce and other regular maintenance work after a long winter storage-

At the beginning of May-2022, the SY will be launched and moored at a jetty in the marina for the entire Season-2022.

If the yacht is moored in the marina, a sea trial can be arranged on request.

If later in the season the yacht is out sailing, a time and place for viewing / sea trial need to be specially agreed.




The sale is intended to be handled by a notary in Austria who, acts also a trustee, to securely regulates the payment and handing-over of the yacht.

The seller will bear the costs of the notary.

Buyer and seller will sign up a preliminary purchase agreement with detailed lists of accessories etc. and agree on a price as well as a convenient handover date and place.

The final contract and purchase will be processed with / through the notary. 




For all payments bank transfers are preferred.


Advance Payment: 50% Advance Payment of the agreed purchase price to be paid to the account of the trustee (notary in 9800-Spitta l a. d. Drau / Austria). Details will be provided.

Only after receipt of the full amount of advance payment the owner will start to prepare the S/Y for handover.

At the same time the documents of the yacht will be prepared i.e. the currenr ownership of S/Ys BRITTA will be cancelled in the ships-register by the Austrian authorities (Vienna) which may take some time.  Meantime the final payment can be made and the yacht can be taken over in due course.


2nd/final Payment: 50% Final Payment must be received by the trustees/notary before the yacht can be handed over. It is recommended that the buyer transfers the amount to the trustee or arranges for final payment a bank-confirmed check. (Note: A Day of the week is necessary due to the checking of the check by the receiver’s bank).

As soon as the yacht is 100% paid for, the key and the cancelled of former ownership in the ships clearance certificate (German:Seebrief) will be given to the new owner. So much for the approximate process!

The practical handover of the yacht will then take place at a previously agreed location.



The yacht will continue to be insured by the previous owner /seller until midnight of the handing-over date. After this date, the buyer has to arrange for insurance cover as the yacht will be onwards fully under his care and responsibility.




It is usual that any vessel in particular 2nd-hand boat owners confirm to the seller that VAT has been paid. However, for older vessels purchased before 1985 (Britta has been bought in 1983) a VAT confirmation is not compulsory. Relevant law can be looked up in internet althoughthis subject has been tackled ever since by marina magazines etc.