Dear interested sailor,

first and foremost, this is not an emergency sale. Yes, I would like to sell my S/Y BRITTA at a good price, but don't want to give her away just for cheap either,  - and until I sell I will continue to sail myself! 

I therefore ask for serious inquiries only! I certainly do not need comments about the selling price in absense of any  interest in buying. THANK YOU!

Compiling here lots of information I have tried hard, to draw an honest and comprehensive picture about the status of my sailing yacht which I own now for about 22 years and of which I know every corner.

I therefore hope, that I will receive feedbacks and proposals from sailors in the same spirit.


I also believe, there will be hardly any similar, reputable blue water sailing yacht on the 2nd hand market, which has been described and provided with such detailed information.


Of course, price is important and  we shall talk about it after you have seen the yacht and for sure you may be of different opinion, but remember, price is not all and that a good ship, well equiped and maintained is worth a lot and S/Y BRITTA is such a extraordinary boat!


The Story of my HR42 E


Strength, elegance and safety convey all sailing yachts from Hallberg Rassy but especially the HR42 E (Enderlein) with which many sailors have already circumnavigated safely and comfortably the globe . From 1980 to 1991, 252 units of this HR 42E were built. The HR 42E offered here has the construction No. HR-76 and was delivered in 1983 in Ellös/Sweden by Hallberg Rassy to its first owner, an architect from Hamburg .

The yacht was owned by him from 1983 – 1998 (he sailed the Baltic Sea+Sweden) and was parked outside the sailing season in a dry hall. The first owner has already arranged important additional equipment such as: Heavier anchor, larger 2-speed winches, 2m headroom in the saloon, bowthuster, a 100l additional diesel tank and an septic tank. Solid davids for the dinghy, a spinnaker, a 250W KW-SSB marine radio system osmose treatment for the hull and finally a repainting job.


In 1998 I bought the yacht from the first owner and had it transported over land from Hamburg/D to Slovenia. Afterwards she was sailed by me to Greece / Athens where she was always well covered until 2015 in various marinas and outside the sailing season, always securely stored on land. 

In 2016 I moved the yacht to the Northern Adriatic coast. Due to an engine failure off Dubrovnik, the engine was renewed there. Only in the following season, the trip to the northern Adriatic could be continued with the new engine and finished. Videos about this and other trips can be found under GALLERIE! 

The yacht is now moored at the northern Adriatic coast, south of Udine and has been wintered on land there since autumn 2019.

2020 and 2021, the yacht could not be sailed due to the pandemic.


S/Y Britta is a well-kept owners yacht and was sailed by me only privately, often one-handed and always with a small crew, 1-2 fellow sailors only. The yacht was my dream boat because of the demanding sea conditions of the Aegean Sea, many times single-handed  with wind steering, 2xRadarmonnitor, mast steps, DSC-AIS radio etc. special sails etc.

The current maintenance condition of the yacht is very good.


The legendary sailing characteristics of the HR42E, i.e. that comfortable sailing with in even adverse weather at sea, are legendary. The HR42E is a very stable, 12-ton seagoing vessel. With its moderate long keel, its S-Spant it assures special seaworthynes allowing a comfortable and safe stay in the middle cockpit.

During my years of professional residence in Athens, I sailed with S/Y Britta in almost any weather conditions acrcross the Aegean Sea. Anyone who knows this sea area with its srong winds, quickly appreciates a safe seagoing sailing yacht here.

On my YouTube channel "RLFilm" you can find a number of videos about my sailing trips. Three of them I have selected and made available to see under GALLERY.


The equipment of my S/Y BRITTA is comprehensive and technically up to internat standart. Due to the new marine engine, a Volvo Penta D2-55 fitted in 2017, with currently 160 engine hours only, the yacht is in an especially reliable status. It may also be noted that the expected lifetime of a D2-55, an industrial engine, is 6500+ hours! This in contrary of the old MD21B, a marinized Peugot-504 engine which gave up a 4200 hours, i.e after 30 years.


The flush deck with a layer of teak was completely renovated in 2011 and is particularly a very safe platform with a good grip to work on deck. This is definetely a  great safety bonus that nowadys very few sailing yachts offer. The HR42E's teak deck is also the special eye-catcher of this yacht. 

Due to my technical profession, I rarely left most of the work on the ship to any shipyards alone, but was able to do a lot of things myself. For that I have initially kept a 24-foot container ready for materials and tools at the yacht's location for many years. The last 8 years all gear, tools and spare parts are stored in my IVECO-maintnane truck which I always drive to the location of the yacht.

This is also the reason why my dream yacht is a rather rare opportunity of a particularly very well-maintained, safe blue-water ship, with which one can  immediately, even one-handed, start any sea voyage any time.

For those who know the advantages of this HR-yacht in general and are looking for a robust, fully equipped quality cruising boat for any ocean sailing with which one can immediately go on any long journey without repair and retrofit jams, my S/Y Britta  a Hallberg Rassy 42E Sloop, is definitely worth a closer look. 


As soon as the situation allows and or until a Buyer for S/Y BRITTA has been found I will continue sailing with my boat. 2022 in Mai I will launch her definetly and keep her for the summer season at a berth in the Marina afloat.


For more Information you are welcome to contact me any time on

ph +43 660 578 5558 (also WhatsApp) or via E-mail to

PS: On the 2n-last picture you can see my maintenance truck, a IVECO-long base which I will sell too for about € 10T.

IMG_1363 Robert.JPG

Gutes Schiff, gute Zeiten

DSCN0291 Britta auf See (2).JPG

Alleine unterwegs

TOERN 2005 2000 miles.jpg

18m über Deck

IMG-20161004-WA0017  Mot D2-55.jpg

Neuer Motor Volvo Penta D2-55berschrift 1


Im Winterlager 


Service-Mobil IVECO (für €10T extra)


Die Segelsaison-2022 wird so


Werkstattbus IVECO